The Rung Step is a revolutionary product that turns any extension ladder into a comfortable, safe, stable platform. Designed for contractors and workers who spend much of their day standing on extension ladders.

The Rung Step was designed by a painter who suffered from foot pain and lower back strain due to the long hours spent on extension ladder rungs.

His invention will change the way workers feel about working from an extension ladder.

Add comfort and stability to your working environment with the ergonomic Rung Step.

Rung Step"Contracting has been my life for 40 years and my feet and lower back have paid the price with painful injuries that will not go away.

As a contractor on an extension ladder, your feet are your life...Don't they deserve the best?"
- Richard O'Brien, Inventor of the Rung Step

Turn an uncomfortable extension ladder rung into a stable and feet-smart platform with the Strong and Lightweight Rung Step
Slip it onto a rung in an instant and work more comfortably!

Designed by a painting contractor, for every person who works with extension ladders.

Patent Pending

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